Sherlock Tea Collection - Individual Blends

The Literary Tea Company

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By Popular demand we have now put all our Sherlock Tea collection teas into individual bags so enabling you to buy a particular blend without committing to the whole collection.

Clear fronted resealable packs, come in two sizes, Mini Pack (makes up to 7 cups) or Standard Pack (makes up to 20 cups) of tea, please refer to each individual character for exact weight.

*** Special Offer ***  You can buy all 8 Mini Packs and Tea Ball Infuser for one price of £30.00, simply select All 8 Mini Packs And Infuser.

Please note, all mini-packs will now be clear, 100% biodegradable eco-friendly packs.

The tea blends have been selected and blended by us to complement each of the titles and names.

Holmes - 'I am a brain the rest of me is a mere appendix!'   -   A rich malty breakfast blend of the finest black teas from Sri Lanka and India.  Ingredients: Assam, Ceylon, Rwandan and & Kenyan Black teas.  Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Dr. Watson - 'Elementary my dear Watson'   -   A wonderful aromatic Oolong tea, being a gently oxidised green leaf. A delicate light leaf with a hint of peach. Ingredients: Oolong Ti Guan Yin.  Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Moriartea - 'Crime is common, logic is rare'  -   A fabulous spiced black tea with the extra sweetness of vanilla. Vanilla Chai Black Tea (13g): Ingredients: Assam Indian black tea, Sri Lankan black tea, vanilla pieces and flavouring, ginger pieces, cardamom pieces, cinnamon pieces. Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack Sizes: - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Lestrade - 'You see but you do not observe'  -   Finest black tea blended with Kentish Hops. Somehting so very different.   Ingredients: Indian Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon and Indian Darjeeling 1st Flush black teas, hops, caramel pieces, natural flavouring.   Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Mrs Hudson's Cuppa - 'Silence makes you an invaluable companion'  -  Ceylon infused with distinctive oil of Bergamot, with added lemon peel and beautiful orange flowers; aromatic Earl Grey tea. Ingredients: Uva Ceylon black tea, Bergamot oil, lemon peel and orange flowers.   Naturally contains caffeine. 

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

221b -  'The game is afoot!'  -   A very distinctive and morish black tea smoked over pine wood. Ingredients: Chinese Lapsang Souchong black tea.  Naturally contains caffeine.

Pack sizes - Small 15g, Standard 50g.

Elementary -  'It is my business to know what other people do not!' -  Our Indian Assam gives a powerful and malty distinctive taste and will certainly give you a strong black tea. Simply elementary!. Ingredients:  Indian Assam black tea.  Naturally contains caffeine. 

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

Baskerville  -  'Nothing is more deceptive than the obvious'  - A wonderful infusion created with Morello cherries. A sweet bright, deep red blend. Ingredients: Apple, Hibiscus, rosehip, cherries, rose petals , lemongrass, elderflower, orange flowers, natural flavouring.   Naturally caffeine free. 

Pack sizes - Mini 15g, Standard 50g.

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